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HEY Whats up internet goer, welcome 2 the most awesome page on the net :P

I'm looking for other supernatural freaks and geeks that luv 2 party (even if u dont get invited 2 those), luv going 2 consters, and loveeee drinking animal blood. LOL jk on that last on x3 But seriously VAMPIRES ONLINE MSG ME!!

Any genderfreaks are MORE then welcome 2 msg me for advice, compainion ship or even just shitposts.
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Never forget ur awesome!!! Graphics not mine click for sources :3

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Ethanator: Lol u have so many rainbows
↳ R0RY: hecks yeah >:)
Sarraah: Thx for the reminder rorster ♥
↳ R0RY: OFC ♥♥♥
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Selfie ^_^

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Status Update:1 Day Ago

ERM. has anyone heard from Ethan, Sarah or Benny??? Theyre not responding 2 my DMs 😭

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Erica286: OMFG you too?? this sucks ass.
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Some Fav rainbow Icons!! I don't know the original sources for any of these im soz v_v

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Sarraah: These are so fun :3c

Ethanator : Cool 👍
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Hella bored today. decided 2 make some gifs for some of my fav games :3 Plus doug for good messure XD

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Erica286: Copy cat
↳ Ethanator : meow :P

Ethanator: These are so good, could i use em on my page?
↳ R0RY: Yes! yeah thank you please do!!

Betty: Still a doug fan?
↳ R0RY: YES!! even post wig...